After 35 years in the computer industry I’m finally going to learn how to build a website.
I’ve always been a hardware guy and can pretty much build a computer from scratch. I know enough about applications to make them work when I need to. I mean, I can use word and excel and have build a pile of spreadsheets in my time. I actually learned how to program cobalt 76 back in the old days but never really got into web development.

Now that I’m preparing to retire and go out on the road. I’m going to need to figure out something to do as I’m not quite ready to retire yet. So if I can learn how to build a website for myself, then I can probably help other people and maybe make a few bucks doing it. I would also like to put up a bunch of windows tricks and tips. I also want to blog and vlog our travelling exploits and RVing.

All of this can be done in building a website and learning how to use WordPress. So here we go first post on the website done.


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